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315898 LadderLok 34.00

315898 LadderLok

The 315898 LadderLok is a convenient and safe device to store your ladder and keep it secure in the garage. The kit comes complete with padlock, locking bar and fittings for wall mounting.

  • *Weight* 1.20kg

304898 Roof Hook 49.00

304898 Roof Hook

The 304898 Roof Hook easily turns most extension ladders into safe and effective roof ladders. This kit features a sturdy wheeled top which helps to move the ladder up the roof and into position.

  • *Weight* 3.10kg

303898 Ladder Rack Clamp 34.00

303898 Ladder Rack Clamp

The 303898 Ladder Rack Clamp ensures safe and easy transportation of most ladders on a motor vehicle, reducing the risk of theft and freeing up interior vehicle space. The simple aluminium hooks attach to your roof rack bars and the aluminium crossbar screws downward to your required height, clamping the ladders securely in place. Fits Ladder sections up to 3.8m wide.

  • *Weight* 2.30kg

300870 Ladder Stay 39.00

300870 Ladder Stay

The 300870 Ladder Stay positions the extension ladder away from the wall, making working at height easier and safer whilst preventing damage to gutter, tiles and window frames.

  • *Weight* 1.60kg

79001 Lock-in Paint Cup 20.00

79001 Lock-in Paint Cup

The 79001 Lock-In Paint Cup is great for trim painting and cut-in applications. With a built-in magnet to secure a paint brush, the paint cup holds 1 litre of paint. For use on Werner ladders that include Lock-In System sockets.

  • *Weight* 0.26kg

79002 Lock-in Paint Cup Liners 20.00

79002 Lock-in Paint Cup Liners

The 79002 Lock-In Paint Cup Liner is a disposable liner for use with the Paint Cup (79001). Each unit includes 4 liners.

  • *Weight* 0.10kg

79003 Lock-in Job Bucket 50.00

79003 Lock-in Job Bucket

The 79003 Lock-In Job Bucket fits right into the ladder top customising your work space. Integrated tape measure and screwdriver holders are features of the job bucket along with top grooves to hold round pipes in place. Great for all trades -- electrical, maintenance, plumbing and construction.

  • *Weight* 0.80kg

79004 Lock-in Utility Bucket 30.00

79004 Lock-in Utility Bucket

The 79004 Lock-In Utility Bucket expands your work surface and customises your ladder top. Great for on the jobsite or household use. The utility bucket locks securely into the ladder top and is ideal for wet or dry applications. Holds up to 4.5 litres of liquid and has a 11kg capacity. Integrated Lock-In System socket on the bucket allows for an additional Paint Cup (79001), ToolLasso (79007) or Utility Hook (79006). Increases productivity by saving trips up and down the ladder.

  • *Weight* 0.55kg

79005 Lock-in Job Caddy 30.00

79005 Lock-in Job Caddy

The 79005 Lock-In Job Caddy expands your work surface and customises your ladder top. Holds large or odd shaped items like fluorescent bulbs or hammers. There are 4 storage compartments to keep small parts separated. Holders for screwdrivers, pliers, putty knives and cloths. End hook is built in for increased convenience. There is also an integrated Lock-In System socket for adding a Paint Cup (79001), ToolLasso (79007) or Utility Hook (79006).

  • *Weight* 0.70kg

79006 Lock-in Utility Hook 15.00

79006 Lock-in Utility Hook

The 79006 Lock-In Utility Hook keeps cords from getting tangled in your ladder. Locks securely into ladder top or other Lock-In System accessories such as the Job Caddy or Utility Bucket. Organize cords and keep them within reach. Utility Hook holds extension cords, air hoses, garden hoses, strands of lights, paint sprayers and other tools or project materials.

  • *Weight* 0.09kg

79007 Lock-in ToolLasso 20.00

79007 Lock-in ToolLasso

The 79007 Lock-In ToolLasso secures tools while on the job. ToolLasso wraps around the grip of power tools, hand tools and caulk guns and locks securely into ladder top or Lock-In System socket on other accessories such as the Job Caddy or Utility Bucket. Having tools within reach saves trips up and down the ladder increasing productivity. Keeps tools safe and ready to use. Pack includes 1 belt clip and 2 ToolLasso.

  • *Weight* 0.10kg